The Ring

Performance art, New media art

Performance art piece “The Ring” written for 7 dancers and directed by Marc Johnson in 2011, was premiered in ENSBA, Paris inside the prestigious glass courtyard “Palais des études/Palace of the studies”. The stage is composed of 12 DMX controlled LEDs bars varying in intensity and color creating a circle of 10 meters diameter. A music piece composed by Alexandre Chevallier and inspired by Serguei Prokofiev synchronize with the lights pulses the pace of the performers. Professional or amateur performers can join the stage to renew the piece and introduce chance. The choreography is inspired by the Boy surface diagram, invented by Werner Boy (mathematician) in 1902. The surface finds its principal application in the physical theory of relativity as it allows the modeling of the curvature of space-time.

Exhibition space
ENSBA, Paris

November 2011

14 min 50 sec

Images credit
© Gilles Gallois

Written & Directed by
Marc Johnson

Interactive System

Alexandre Chevallier

Simon Graichy

Jim Couturier
Nikkita Goile
Ghislain Grellier

Louise Hakim
Steven Hervouet
Yoann Hourcade
Soa Ratsifandrihana

2 computers
10 speakers
10 DMX LEDs lamps

Ableton Live
Max/MSP (Cycling ’74)
Open Sound Control (OSC)