Publication: YúYú artist book with a special color profile engaging with biodiversity conservation in the Anthropocene era.

YúYú Book

The book project untitled “YúYú” will be a perfect bound softcover artist book printed with a special color profile (Two-tones [METAL] Black – Gold / PANTONE Process Black + PANTONE 871)

Status:: upcoming release

300 x 225 mm

Number of Pages

Français / English

Binding type
Perfect bound (softcover)

Artist book with a special color profile engaging with biodiversity conservation in the Anthropocene era

The original layout will express both the cinematography of the project and the documentary surreal approach of the work.
A special focus on the typeface in use as well as best practice when it comes to paper selection and environmentally friendly choices will be at play.
“YuYu” book project will act as a tribute to Ancient animistic Chinese culture (painting, calligraphy) playing with gold sheets of paper on the cover and recycle paper on the inside.
The artist book will include two essays by key scholars on the importance of bees and biodiversity conservation in the Anthropocene era.

Jeanette Zwingenberger, art historian (Divine nectar – essay)
Gilles Tétart, anthropologist (The Blood of flowers, an anthropology of bees – essay)

YúYú is a beyond-real film and photographic project of a Chinese beekeeper, who performs a rite of spring to recover the environmental balance of the Yangtze Valley in Chóngqìng, China. Throughout this journey, Shé Zuo Bīn, enters a trance with nature. Meanwhile, In Chinese tradition, man is a bridge between heaven and earth. Here, the human being becomes a living interface, highlighting the elements we are composed of as «co-habitant» of planet earth. These fields of tension between art and nature create a correlation between the two disciplines in order to experience this connection of «being-in-itself» with other species. The link between nature and culture is no longer thought in the dominant verticality of mankind, but as a horizontal relationship where all beings are considered equal.