A woman named Kanchana is using voodoo on scorpions in a rainforest at night in Thailand
under the influence of ultraviolet lights.

“Ultraviolet” Short film

“Ultraviolet” invites us to an encounter with other forms of life and experiences involving themes of inter-species sociability, collaborative survival, the Anthropocene, the Posthuman and the Fable. Inspired by a Chinese poem of the 3rd century BC – written by Zhuangzi – “The Butterfly’s Dream”, “Ultraviolet” conveys an allegorical narrative in which the parable and the fable unfold in a futuristic and enchanted world. The connection between human and other species is no longer seen in the dominant verticality of mankind, at the top of the pyramid of evolution, although as a horizontal relationship where all beings are considered equal.

The Fable tells that one night, Kanchanna was dreaming she was a scorpion. A scorpion happy with itself and doing as it pleased, unaware that she was herself. Soon, she was awakening and there she was, unmistakably real. Then, she did not know whether she was herself when she was dreaming that she was a scorpion, or whether she was then a scorpion, dreaming of being human. Yet, between a human and a scorpion, there should be some difference, don’t you think so?”

Produced by Fulldawa Films

With the support of DICRéAM

In Association with UMOON Productions

In Association with Egerton Crescent Prod

Supported by Rooftop Films

With the support of PROCIREP & ANGOA

With the support of UniFrance

Distribution and international sales

Film Festival Contribution (to date)

Writer & Director
Marc Johnson

Kanchana Ketkaew

Mehdi Lachhab

Sound designer
Matthieu Choux

Boris Mendza

Gaël Cabouat

David Atrakchi

Executive producer
Christophe Guyot

Executive producer
Charlie Burt

Executive producer
Omar Parker

Line Producer
Worarat Buranrom

Assistant Producer
Mitra Hekmat

Assistant Producer
Laure Billard

1st Camera Asistant
Chatchai Tepun

2nd Camera Assistant
Dontr Hadjarauy

Best Boy Gaffer
Yanai Sonklang

Phanuk Ngamlert

Best Boy Electrician
Wichan Kaeonert

Best Boy Grip
Sayan Hompharat

Grip Man
Boonyarit Chuenphongsa

Grip Van Driver
Kritsana Samunya

Set Photographer
Martin Reeves

Voiceover Talent
Worarat Buranrom

Sound Recordist
Akkarat Assavajamekorn

Re-recording Mixer
Matthieu Choux

Foley Artist
Grégory Vincent

Raphaël Kourilsky

Scorpion Hunter
Thio Boonnark

Scorpion Farmer
Seubsai Bhumiprathet

Scorpion Handler
Bunthawee Siangwong

Van Driver
Titipong Pobiyam

Van Driver
Free Sitthipanya

Van Driver
Thanaphat Kaeonuan

Film Board Coordinator
Tip Sukwiwat

Literary Director
Stéphane Landowski